• Photo of The Best Plants To Grow In Your Vertical Garden

    The Best Plants To Grow In Your Vertical Garden

    Have you always dreamed of having your own vegetable or herb garden but considered it impossible because of space limitations in your living environment? Perhaps you live in an apartment or another urban setting where gardening is seemingly not an option. Luckily, the concept of vertical gardening offers a simple, practical, and beautiful solution to anyone who feels limited from…

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  • Photo of How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

    How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

    Even though there are tons of plants, perennials, and flowers you can have in your garden for winter (depending on your geographical location) you need to prepare your garden beforehand so it’s the perfect home for your plants. This is the time of year when your perennials will start to lose their color and leaves and will need extra care…

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  • Photo of How to Start a Garden

    How to Start a Garden

    So you want to start a garden and don’t know where to begin? A great way to start gardening is deciding what you want to grow. Factors when deciding on what seed to buy may include what neighbors have in their gardens, foods you like to eat, what grows well in your area, and what you can realistically maintain.  The…

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  • Photo of Starting an Indoor Garden

    Starting an Indoor Garden

    For those that don’t have access to a full garden or are living in an apartment, you are able to take advantage of all the benefits of growing your own food. Growing vegetables and fruits helps save a little money while taking advantage of an opportunity to get closer to your food. It’s also a way to relax as you…

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