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How To Deal With Moles In Your Home Garden

Every house owner dreams of having a beautiful garden with a sparkling emerald green yard. They regularly strive hard to achieve this dream, but this could be turned into a nightmare when homeowners have to witness the virtue of their gardens being plagued by moles, who undoubtedly leave heaps of dirt unearthed from the garden’s lower layers and then spread all over. In this guide, we will provide you comprehensive details on how to identify moles and how to get rid of them along with some prevention tips.

What exactly are moles?

Moles are land-dwelling carnivores who eat insects, but the problem is that their undercover pits can destroy the beauty of your garden. This also makes easier access to the plants for various rodents as well. Moles are normally found in the areas where the soil is dense in organic matters. Their occupancy in a surprisingly large number might be because of the huge population of insects in the soil.

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How to identify the moles in your garden?

Moles are little creatures with pointed snouts, small eyes, and Idaho potato-shaped bodies. They swim below the grounds utilizing their broad front arms to scrap the soil as they move. They like humid, muddy soil, and they come out of their holes after rain. Further, they are around seven inches long and weigh around four ounces.

What are the damages caused by moles?

Moles seem to be small animals, but the damage they cause can be frustrating. Here are some damages that are induced by moles in your garden.

  • Moles’ tunnels may ruin the roots of the plants and the growing vegetables, as they affect the growth by uprooting the plants or drying their roots.
  • Moles dig away soil from the rootlets, eliminating the plants’ sources of nourishment.
  • Moles scraping can cause substantial damage to a fresh seeded garden and raises issues with the irrigation of the land.
  • Moles consume worms that are extremely essential for soil’s health, aeration, and fertility of the garden.
  • The holes created by moles make way for rodents. Mice and voles travel in these tunnels and consume the roots along with the tubers of the crops and plants.
  • The tunnels made by moles spoil the look of your garden making it look less attractive. Also, the grass turns low, brown, and weak spots are seen.

How to get rid of moles?

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of moles in your garden safely and humanely.

Catch and release moles in a secure area.

This surely is one of the best and most secure ways for getting rid of moles, especially when you want to do this task in a humane manner. The process is quite simple.

The initial step is to find a place where moles scrape. When you have found the tunnel, you will be required to dig a hole that is capable of holding an empty vessel. Leave the vessel with the open-end at the low level of the tunnel. Now, cover the vessel with a vacant shoebox (to make it a bit dark). Scrutinize this easy trap every now and then. Finally, you can pick up the trapped moles and release them in a distant yet safe area.

Make a barrier.

Making a barrier to stop moles from coming into your garden is a permanent solution only if you utilize this as soon as possible. You just have to dig a ditch of about two feet broad. The barrier can also be a web that is not going to let these little ones to cross. Also, you can fill the ditch with gravel, soil, or clay, but then the barrier should be around 8-12 inches wide.

Utilize natural repellent.

If you want to get rid of moles in a more natural way, then you need to plant garlic, lilies, and chocolate plants in your yard. This is a non-toxic and effective manner to control the moles, as they don’t like these plants. Surely, they will leave and find an area that is vacant of these plants.

Say goodbye to grubs.

If you own a yard, obviously you would want to have earthworms, as they help in growing plants and make them stay healthy. However, you can try clearing your garden of grubs to reduce the food supplied to moles. Therefore, the best is to apply useful nematodes to your garden. Also, they are an amazing organic option for pest control that does not harm anything other than the grubs. People, pets, and also earthworms are completely safe.

Use vibrating devices.

The method of using vibrating devices to get rid of moles requires fewer efforts. Since moles don’t like and hate to stay in those areas in which they get disturbed, the easiest way to repel them efficiently is by leaving some wind-driven or even the battery-operated spinners on the paths they have dug.

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How to prevent moles in your garden?

  • Examine your soil to see if it has any pests; on the off chance that you have many moles, you apparently have an excessive supply of bugs and grubs. The effective way is to spray your garden with Paenibacillus popilliae, or known as milky spore, to dispose of the grubs. Also, this will clear your garden of other larvae as well, which is a prominent advantage.
  • Secure your plants by preventing moles from damaging them. Just plow a two to three foot hole and fix the edges and bottom of the trench using wire mesh.
  • If you have decided to use bulbs, create a small “trap” of about a half-inch of the mesh screen. Now, put numerous bulbs inside it, root the plate down, and enfold the whole trap at the precise depth. With this, rodents will not be capable of chewing through; however, roots along with stems may grow out.

Now that you have these different methods to restrain moles from making burrows in your yard and disrupting the look of your yard, you could pick any of them, since they are generally appropriate for your beautiful garden. Once you employ these methods in the best possible manner, you make certain to eliminate the frustration brought about by them. Also, by picking these humane techniques that don’t kill these little creatures, you will have the fulfillment that you have treated the moles empathetically.

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