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Know These Outdoor Garden Themes

Beautiful works of arts and imagination quicken creativity among children and inspire adults’ creative perceptions. Nowadays, there is a kind of renaissance towards gardening and other sorts of arts. But without a solid knowledge of it, you may find it difficult to create a lofty garden that makes people wonder if they were in an entirely different realm, a surreal world. Actually, there are steps to follow before you can create a fanciful fairy garden that makes viewers admire you. And if you diligently follow the recommended steps, you will create an exceptionally alluring fairy garden.

First, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the themes. Perhaps, you can select the one you would like to create, or you can do a pastiche of different theme ideas and create an unprecedented outdoor theme garden theme after reading this.

Garden Themes for Outdoors

Beware, the themes we’re going to list below can make you feel like being in the same fantastic realm with the fairies.

Here are a few themes you may like to behold and create to build an enthralling aura around you:

Moon Gardens

It’s important to know flowers that really suit this theme. Garden plants such as evening primrose, night phlox, moon flower, and angel’s trumpet are vital to creating a brilliant night garden. These plants don’t only smile back to the moon with their reflective capabilities, but also provide your atmosphere with fantastic hues such that you feel like the cherubs are around you. One soothing thing about this garden theme is that it appeals to both adults and children.

Who doesn’t love the feel of a paradise? No one.

Summer in the Adirondacks

To create this, you will need a planter base close by and a few figurines of resin painted by you. Actually, designers are not fans of having too many around in their design. You will build a small, good-looking cottage with a swimming pool and two Adirondack chairs where you and your special friend will sit and converse in imagination. While some prefer this as an outdoor theme, it’s also fit for indoors.

Tree House

This theme is made using pieces of a broken pot or vase. You can arrange the broken pieces in sections, one above the other, such that they look like balconies in the form of steps, using sand to support each section of the balcony. At the top, you can have a small cottage where you place a couple of dolls. In this case, it appears like a kid has invited a friend to the topmost floor of their skyscraper, sitting with their legs dangling and having conversations about how small the world looks.

Twinkle Garden

Light and little angels work together, right? You can create a garden in respect of this fact, and your children will love it. There’s no way they won’t even be intrigued by it, as the fairy view sweeps even adults off their feet. This garden works especially when it’s warm. First, you need a tray or a wide, open container. You make a bed of soil inside the container, such that it’s above half and some centimeters away from the brim. Other things you would need are marbles, glass, rocks, and maybe artificial flowers. A small terra cotta pot and some moss and glue will make things work. Dip the root of small flowers in the container filled with soil. And then you paint stones according to the scene you or your kids would like. Even your kids would like to help with this, as it enhances their creativity. They can help paint insects and all that they would like to see in the garden. After this, you arrange whatever you want in the garden inside the container, as you must have planned.

Since your kids want an appearance in the likeness of fairy tales, you may purchase some angels, and set them near the entrance as if welcoming visitors to fairyland. Children are angels, and they always want the circle of beautiful beings.

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How Do You Create a Fairy Garden Outdoors?

Kids love a world you create with stalks and colorful flowers, but how do you go about creating one for your kid? There may not be a single step that applies to all themes you want, but the methods recommended in this article will surely help you to create an ethereal realm.

As you must have deduced from the fairy garden theme ideas that you would need some equipment like potting mix, a container, flowers, pebbles, marbles, mini furniture, and maybe a small house.


Your inspiration is the first thing you need to create a fairy garden. As small as it seems, if you’re not inspired to work, you may just be upset and see it as a herculean task instead of the fun that it should be. This is what made you start in the first place, and it’s what will drive you on and spring further creative thoughts in you.


A theme is very important to what you’re creating. It’s what will guide your imagination, as well as creation. You can choose any of the themes listed above and do it as seen or alter with a speck of creativity. Of course, inputting your creative touch is relevant, as you would join the ever-moving train of creative garden designs.


After you have got a fairy theme for outdoor garden design, you should start looking out for materials you can use to carve your imagination and perception into concrete reality. Some of the materials which are generally needed have been previously cited, but of course, you may still lookout for some special fairy garden materials to enliven your creative perception. In a nutshell, the theme you choose or create in your head determines the material you’re going to use.

For instance, a forest theme would require lots of plants. A beach theme would need sand, pebbles, and maybe shells too. And if you’re creating just a garden like the Moon Garden without a cottage, you will need specific flowers and plants that befit your chosen theme.


This deals with the location in your garden where you’re going to place your fairy garden and what the garden fairy house is going to look like. This also covers the location of the pool, pond, path, etc. A good layout always makes creating a theme easy, less clumsy, and fast.


Dark and loamy soil works best for this. In fact, to look more natural, add charcoal, but you don’t have to once you have loamy soil around you. After adding the soil, you can add gravel to enable drainage and avoid waterlog during rain.


Different plants are suitable for different locations. For the outdoor garden, which is the focus, you need small plants and flowers to work really well for color. Ensure the design is light so everything doesn’t get clumsy. If you need tiny trees in your fairy garden, pruned rosemary can come in here.

Fairy Accents

It is important to get your fairy accents ready when you’re designing a fairy garden. Since these necessary creative features breathe reality into your work, get them ready after you have thought of a theme and done a layout.


You can use sticks for your fairy garden fence and tie them together. A combination of a marble hut and a stick glued together can form a gazing ball for your fairy garden. Pick up moss and glue it around the small cottage already glued with marbles all over so it looks like a fairy house.

Since you have the backdrop in your mind’s eyes, you will know where other accents can be. Your small chairs can be placed in front of the house in the garden and on one side, such that they don’t seem to black the way. You can arrange pebbles at the sides of the house.

Fairy themes are always enthralling, and you cannot be too creative with any. It all depends on how far your imaginations and inspiration drive you. Of course, you won’t always use an existing theme; add yours to the avalanche of creativity in the niche. Why not create a fresh one with a few additions and subtractions from the list of themes provided in the first section of this article?

Also, after creating a theme in your mind, gathering needed materials is necessary, and then you set up those materials according to what you have in plan.

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