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  • Photo of How Do I Build a Raised Garden?

    How Do I Build a Raised Garden?

    Building a raised garden bed is one of those activities that you’ll wish you had done much sooner once it’s up and running. Flowerpots and planters are no substitute for the amount of food you can grow in a raised garden. By the time your garden is blooming with fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll be ready to build the next…

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  • Photo of Grow Edible Sprouts in Your Kitchen

    Grow Edible Sprouts in Your Kitchen

    Sprouts are a valuable addition to any diet because they offer an endless abundance of health benefits. These wispy, tender little greens are not only delicious and nutritious, but are also surprisingly easy and cheap to grow right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Minimal tools, space, and effort are required to successfully cultivate these healthy, edible little plants.…

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  • Photo of Starting an Indoor Garden

    Starting an Indoor Garden

    For those that don’t have access to a full garden or are living in an apartment, you are able to take advantage of all the benefits of growing your own food. Growing vegetables and fruits helps save a little money while taking advantage of an opportunity to get closer to your food. It’s also a way to relax as you…

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